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SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, Dec 8, 2022

The VIATEC Awards are BACK and will take place in Carson Hall at the Victoria Event Centre just like old times! Stay tuned for announcements. The VIATEC Awards celebrate the achievements of technology companies and individuals responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest-growing technology region in British Columbia. Join us for an evening of rocket-fuelled entertainment, celebration, and more fun than grown-ups are used to!

2019 Photo Gallery
The 2019 VIATEC Awards
"YOU GUYS!!! You sure know how to throw a party. We were totally blown away by our experience at the 2019 VIATEC Awards. The live band, the captive audience, the flying orcas—just next level. Your community was fired up and that energy is just so contagious. You guys are an inspiration!"
Joanna Schlosser
Accelerate Okanagan
“The 2019 VIATEC Awards were pretty remarkable: The theme was brilliant and was woven in throughout; Bringing together an entire community that knows each other (due to all of VIATEC's efforts); Erin Skillen - who is ready to host the Oscars; Pure production value of an event with so many moving parts; Dan’s singing - which my wife won’t stop talking about; Rasool’s fundraising fury; The new trophies which are cool as hell. Honestly, I’ve had a smile on my face all weekend from attending.”
Ian Chisholm
Roy Group
“Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work that went into the awards show! It was a great performance and you all did an amazing job. The entertainment was especially good and the whole event from beginning to end was even better than last year!”
Bobbi Leach
“What a fabulous event on Friday! It truly showcased the Victoria tech scene as an amazing place to be for aspiring, innovative entrepreneurs. Congratulations to you and your team for an outstanding event. I’ll put this on my calendar for next year."”
Elizabeth Johnston
Ministry of Jobs, Trade & Technology
“Congratulations on presenting another excellent VIATEC Awards show this year! You make us all proud to be a part of such a vibrant and successful community. Thanks for all you do!”
Jim Balcom
Redlen Technologies
“I've been to many VIATEC Awards over the past 10 years and 2019 was by far the best! The VIATEC team, entertainers, presenters and host did an amazing job entertaining and showcasing the Victoria tech and entrepreneurial community. There truly is no place like the VIATEC Awards! I'm proud to be a member of the community, the city and VIATEC!"”
Mike Williams
“This is a great way for us to hold up examples of some of our leading companies so people can recognize them, which I think is important because it’s motivating for other companies to see what’s possible, and motivating for teams that there is some level of recognition.”
Dan Gunn