Nominations 101

**NOMINATIONS ARE CURRENTLY PAUSED AND WILL RESUME IN THE NEAR FUTURE! Please see the home page for more info.** NOMINATION STEPS! 1. NOMINATE a Greater Victoria tech company* or individual for up to 3 awards by April 1st at 4pm (They must be a VIATEC member in good standing - check our company profiles to make sure they're listed). 2. NOMINEE TO FILL OUT THE SUPPORTING INFO for the anonymous judges by April 3rd at 4pm (If "Employer of the Year" is one of the selected awards, the staff survey must be circulated and completed by 70% of their local team) (If "Startup of the Year" is one of the selected awards, a letter of recommendation is required for the application) 3.CROSS YOUR FINGERS and wait to find out if you're a finalist! Questions? Ask ūüôā

Event Status in response to COVID-19:

We are currently working on backup plans for the VIATEC Awards (just in case). As the event isn’t until June 5th, we will be keeping that date while also trying to secure a back up date. We are actively monitoring the situation and will provide an¬†update by no later than April 15th.

Nominations:¬†Something you can do to promote your company even while socially isolated! While you’re in your self quarantine, why not take a few minutes to nominate your tech company or an individual on your team for the awesome work that’s been done this past year?¬†We are extending the nomination deadline to April 1 at 4pm¬†(with supporting packages due April 3 at 4pm), in order to give you a bit more time. Don’t forget about the deserving Emerging Leaders and Leaders of the Year too!

We are working on ways that we can help continue to inform, educate and virtually bring together our local tech community while this plays out. Stay healthy, stay positive and stay up to date by referring to our Events Calendar or subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

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